Wild Peach Elementary School

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Mission and Vision Statement

Wild Peach Elementary Mission, Vision, and Beliefs


Motto:  Leap into Learning!

Learn.  Engage.  Achieve.  Progress.



Wild Peach Early Childhood School students will GROW to be:   

Respectful of self and others,

Responsible for their actions, and

Ready to Leap into Learning for Life!



The mission of Wild Peach Early Childhood School is to meet each child and family where they are and to help them GROW into contributing citizens of our school and community by providing care, support and focused instruction.



At WPE we believe that:

  1. Each child should be respected for their differences and provided a pathway to learn.
  2. Each child should have breakfast and lunch in order to provide an adequate nutritional framework for growth.
  3. Everyone should teach in a kind and caring manner.
  4. Everyone will provide a strong foundation from which our students will grow.