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October Attendance Incentive

Wild Peach Elementary is having an attendance contest for the month of October.

There are two ways students can participate.

#1 - Individual Attendance: On October 1, each student was given a "Pizza".
Every day that a child is in attendance, they receive a "pepperoni" for their pizza. At the end of the month, students with a full pizza win Pizza with the Principal!

#2 Class competition: Each class received a "pizza" Every day that the class has 100% attendance they receive a "pepperoni" for their pizza. At the end of the month the class with the most "Peperoni" on their pizza wins a class party!

Strategies to Support Children with Autism at Home

Don’t miss out on these free sessions to learn strategies to support children with Autism at home!
Links to each session are listed below ⬇️
Sensory Needs
Social Skills

Visitor Check In Procedures

Dear Wild Peach Families,
The safety and security of our children is a priority at Wild Peach Elementary. We have updated our visitor procedures. We use the RAPTOR system to verify the identity of all visitors to campus. Please be prepared to present a Photo ID when visiting Wild Peach.
ALL VISITORS on campus must have their ID scanned and cleared before they are given a visitor tag and before entrance will be allowed on campus. This includes special events, even events with large crowds.
To reduce wait times at such events, we ask you to call ahead and RSVP for special events. If your ID has previously been scanned, and your information is in the computer, we can print your visitor tag in advance. Then when you arrive, you will present your license/ID, and in exchange, we will give you your pre-printed visitor tag.
When you leave campus, you will return your visitor tag to the front desk, and they will return your license to you.
If your license/ID has not been scanned THIS SCHOOL YEAR, you might want to find the time days before the special event, to come by and scan your license/ID into our system. Then you will be able to have your visitor tag pre-printed, and you will not have to wait at length on the day of the special event.
*Please note that this applies to our grandparents as well, and our grandparent breakfast is quickly approaching. Please encourage those grandparents who plan to attend, that they will need to scan their ID to be allowed entrance. They would benefit from scanning their IDs in advance and calling ahead with their RSVP to have their visitor tag printed - in advance. Please pass this information along to them.
Thank you for helping us to keep our school safe and secure,
Mary McCarthy
Principal, Wild Peach Elementary
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